Survivor Deluxe

Survivor Deluxe

Live out your own castaway adventure in Survivor Deluxe tale
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Live out your own castaway adventure in Survivor Deluxe, a wonderful tale of faith, survival, and destiny. Washed ashore on an island, the primitive natives see you as their savior from the terrible pirates. All you want is to make it safely back to civilization. Can you balance the urge to fulfill a prophecy, and the need to survive, and get out of this unbelievable predicament?

Main features:

- bring your adventurous spirit to life in this quirky time management challenge
- challenge 80 levels to obtain tribal items and learn rituals that will lend a hand
- light a fire to signal ships, provide food, and obtain power-ups to keep going
- fight pirates, octopus, crabs, and more on the quest to fulfill a prophecy

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